Monday, January 17

Spencer: Diana Biopic Unveils First Trailer

More than two decades after her tragic death, Princess Diana continues to fascinate. Amazon unveiled this Monday, January 10 the trailer for “Spencer”, a biopic which will be released on January 17 on Prime Video.

On the screen, the princess will be embodied by Kristen Stewart, almost unrecognizable with her blond square and her new facial expressions. Prince Charles will be played by British actor Jack Farthing, best known for his role in the BBC series ” Poldark ».

The rest of the cast includes Sally Hawkins, Timothy Spall and Sean Harris. Pablo Lorrain, the director, concretizes here his third film of the kind. He had already attacked the life of the poet Pablo Neruda and then of Jackie Kennedy, in 2016.

The internationally acclaimed film

Side plot, the story unfolds while the “marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles has tarnished for a long time.” During the Christmas holidays, a truce of peace is requested by the queen. The family must then go to Sandringham. Under the perfect family tunes, the dramas continue.

The film is an illustration of what could have happened during those December days. Diana, during her life, experienced many problems with depression and bulimia. Already theatrically available in the UK as well as the US, “Spencer” has received public acclaim.

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