Tuesday, January 18

The coup at Christiansborg: White slave traders were sold as slaves.

Screams and wailing were common sounds from the cellars of the Danish-Norwegian fort Christiansborg on the coast of present-day Ghana. But now it was not just the slaves who were screaming. 80 African warriors with rifles shot down the Danish-Norwegian crew at the fort.

  • Kariin Sundsback

    Associate Professor of History at Innlandet University College

AFTENPOSTEN HISTORY: The courtyard was red with blood. The white men were panicking. One trader was parted live, limb by limb, in front of the eyes of the others.

Governor Harding Petersen was stabbed with a knife and his Achilles tendon was cut before he was thrown into the latrine. The few who survived, including several Norwegians, were sent into the country, where they were sold as slaves.

How could it go so wrong?

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