Monday, January 24

Wonder Man: filming of the series on Bernard Tapie will begin in March

According to the site Satellifacts, the Netflix series dedicated to Bernard Tapie, Wonder Man, will begin filming on March 7. It should last 17 weeks in total.

It is the actor Laurent Lafitte, resident of the Comédie Française, who will play the famous businessman on the screen. If some observers may have feared that this project, revealed last June, was put on hold after the death of Bernard Tapie last October, it would be exactly the opposite that would occur, with an acceleration of production.

The series will have six episodes of 45 minutes and will be directed by Tristan Séguéla (Doctor?), Who is at the origin of the project with producer Bruno Nahon (Mytho, So be they). The name of the fiction is a play on words with the heroine of DC Comics Wonder Woman, and the company Wonder, which Bernard Tapie bought for 1 symbolic franc in 1984 before reselling it after a restructuring that will leave hundreds of employees jobless. .

Bernard Tapie opposed to the project

In a newspaper interview Var-Matin, Bernard Tapie had openly expressed his opposition to this fictional project. “I was against it. He’s a friend’s son. To do it without asking for my agreement in principle is not very good. There are things we don’t do. That there are documentaries is something else, but borrowing my name is a bit heavy, ”he said, referring to Jacques Séguéla, the father of Tristan, the director of this series whose the idea was born on the set of his film “16 years or almost” with Laurent Lafitte, whose resemblance to the businessman had jumped in his eyes.

“The series was born in the dressing room of this film that I was shooting with Laurent. We both thought he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie. We thought about it at about the same time, ”he told the magazine. Premiere.

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