Sunday, May 22

CAN 2022, Tunisia-Mali (0-1): the Malians win after a crazy end of the match

Mali beat Tunisia (1-0) on Wednesday for their first CAN 2022 match. The end of the match was pretty incredible.

While Tunisia still hoped to equalize, the referee decided otherwise. The yet experienced Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe had already stopped the match for the first time in the 85th minute, already making the Tunisian bench mad with rage. After having visibly transformed this too early whistle into a cool break, the referee resumed the match.

But he stopped it for good a few seconds from the end of the 90th minute, even before the start of a hypothetical additional time.

This time it was the entire Tunisian delegation that became furious, coach Mondher Kebaier frantically waving his watch under the noses of officials. The referee quartet had to leave under security escort in the face of the anger of the Carthage Eagles.

While 30 minutes later, a resumption of the match for 3 minutes was announced, the Malians returned to the lawn but not the Tunisians. The final end of the meeting was therefore recorded.

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