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Dark circles: the 5 best treatments for the eye area

Dark circles, bags, wrinkles… Eye contour treatments are real allies to wake up the eyes and reduce signs of fatigue. But the offer is vast. To make your choice easier, here are our 5 favorite products to overcome winter in style.

Radiance gel of the gaze, Esteem and meaning

© Esteem et Sens

To take care of the very thin skin in this area in the blink of an eye, nothing like Radiance Eye Gel, from the French and organic brand Estime et Sens. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment based on compounds of natural origin ensures good oxygenation of the skin around the eyes thanks to a draining action that eliminates toxins. If we like it so much, it’s also because it is endowed with reflective micro-sequins, which, associated with certified organic acacia gum, sublime and illuminate the eyes. In addition, this product is compatible with wearing lenses and can be used as a base before moving on to the makeup step.

Glow eye gel (15 ml), Esteem and Meaning, 29€

Cryo Recovery Eye Serum, de Charlotte Tilbury


©Charlotte Tilbury

You can bet with your eyes closed on the Cryo Recovery Eye Serum stick, signed Charlotte Tilbury. The specificity of this treatment? It is inspired by cryotherapy, a technique that involves using cold on the skin. After application of this serum, the eyes are fresher and appear significantly less swollen. And this result is due to its decongestant metallic applicator, but above all to its ingredients. It contains in particular caffeine, known to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin, and IceAwake, an active ingredient made from an extract of bacteria taken from the ground under a glacier in Switzerland, which invigorates tired skin.

Cryo Recovery Eye Serum, Charlotte Tilbury, 59€

Illuminating cream, Laura Mercier


© Laura Mercier

The illuminating cream from the prestigious make-up brand Laura Mercier is a sure bet. It must be said that in terms of components, it has everything you need, and it shows. Made from green coffee seed oil, known to invigorate the eye area, anti-aging peptides, small molecules that increase the production of so-called structural proteins, such as collagen, and flamenco violet pearl, for a brightening effect, it offers an immediate boost, and brings under the eye all the care it deserves in this winter period. As for its texture, it instantly penetrates the skin.

Illuminating Eye Cream, Laura Mercier, 63€

Banana Bright Eye Cream, Ole Henriksen


© Ole Henriksen

Another favorite treatment: that of the famous Danish brand Ole Henriksen, arrival 2020 on the French market. This treatment gave us the banana for several reasons. First of all, because it is formulated with vitamin C and enriched with collagen, which, day after day, helps reduce dark circles and firm the eye area. We also appreciate its soft and pleasant fragrance, as well as its light texture, which facilitates the application of the concealer. Finally, what makes the charm of this golden yellow product is that it contains banana powder, which preserves the beauty of the skin while illuminating it thanks to its light pigments.

Banana Bright Eye Crème, Ole Henriksen, 35€

Eye Contour Bulb, Cabin


© The Cabin

We also set our sights on the Eye Contour bulb from the Spanish brand La Cabine. This shot is applied before the day or night cream, and several powerful active ingredients. Among them, Q10, an antioxidant which helps fight against premature aging of the skin and participates in the reduction of crow’s feet wrinkles, as well as peptides. Other components present in this glass ampoule: caffeine, which stimulates circulation and thus promotes deflation of this area and phospholipids, whose role is to optimize the penetration of these assets.

Ampoule Eye Contour, The Cabin, 1,99€

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