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Jubillar affair: the disturbing revelations of Cédric’s ex-inmate

Information disclosed by the former co-detainee of Cédric Jubillar, suspect number 1 for the murder of his ex-companion Delphine, could prove that the latter would have tried to move the body of the nurse who disappeared in December 2020 in Cagnac-les -Mines (Tarn).

According to information from Parisian, Marco, former co-detainee of Cédric Jubillar, would have met Séverine, new companion of the craftsman, on multiple occasions.

During a filmed exchange, the latter would have brought Marco to the Jubillar home. She then allegedly showed him a path leading to a farm, where a shed had burned down in April 2021.

While she did not want to go any further, suspecting of being “chipped” by the investigators, Séverine would have asked for information from Marco concerning the displacement of a body. “Can you see a body that has been moved?” (…) I do not know how you are going to find this, your nerves are well hooked, right? ”.

Many discussions with Cédric Jubillar

Located in the cell next to that of Cédric Jubillar, Marco would have discussed a lot with the suspect number one.

According to the Corsican detainee, Cédric Jubillar would have even confessed to him having killed Delphine. A criminal project that he would have considered for a while. “He was waiting for the right moment to get rid of it,” said Marco.

The evening of the murder, Cédric would have “gone wrong”, seeing his wife on his phone. After having snatched his device, he would have come across a message from his wife’s lover. “That’s what made him twist,” revealed Marco.

According to him, Cédric was speaking in unflattering terms about his wife. He even claimed to have buried the body in “a place that has already burned.”

He would even have mentioned the weapon used to suppress Delphine, mocking the investigators. “These morons didn’t even find the knife.”

Asked about his motivations, Marco swore to investigators that he had nothing to gain by denouncing Cédric Jubillar. Her only wish would be that justice be done and that she bring answers to the children of the couple.

Indeed, Marco would have given an execrable vision of Cédric Jubillar. The image of a cell neighbor with “unbearable behavior”.

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