Monday, May 23

Merchants: Eric Zemmour unveils several support measures

Two days after his wishes noticed to the press, Eric Zemmour sent a speech on Wednesday to the attention of traders, announcing several measures of his political program to support them.

In a video broadcast on his channel YouTube, the candidate for Reconquest! wished to address traders at the start of the sales period, and wished to denounce the “injustice” of which they would be victims. “For me, there are no small traders, all businesses are essential”. “We should dedicate a national holiday to them”, to salute their courage and their work, argued Eric Zemmour.

Denouncing a policy that would favor supermarkets and industry giants, to the detriment of town centers and local shops, the candidate then listed several measures of his program to help them.

He announced in particular that he wanted to reduce the corporate tax of small and medium-sized enterprises to 15%, for profits of up to 300,000 euros, today between 15% and 33% depending on the figure of business and profit.

Abolished gift and inheritance tax

If he is elected President of the Republic, Eric Zemmour wants the outright abolition of gift and inheritance rights for the transfer of family businesses, which according to him would mainly benefit small businesses in city centers.

A subject on which many presidential candidates have already positioned themselves, candidates on the right of the political spectrum rather in favor of a reduction in inheritance rights, and those on the left leaning more towards strengthening.

The former polemicist also wants to ban the construction of shopping areas and supermarkets at the entrance to cities, to promote shops and craftsmen located in the center of villages and medium-sized towns, and to simplify the hiring of salespeople in these small businesses.

“It is time for a president to stand in front of the Ministry of Finance and give him the order to immediately stop pissing off traders, he added, because traders do not piss anyone off”, thus taking up once again the controversial formula of Emmanuel Macron. A speech also marked by criticism of the “powerful”, of Paris, of “professional politicians”, of which he claims not to be part.

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