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Miscellaneous facts. Pedestrians dragged by a car: “He told me ‘you are going to run now'”

The shocking video, shot during the weekend in Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis) and entitled “giggles of the evening”, shows a motorist who twice grabs and drags a pedestrian until let it fall. ” Stop bullshiting ! “,” Stop, I’m going to fall! One of them pleads, held back by the hand. This provokes the hilarity of the occupants of the vehicle, one of them filming the scene.

“Don’t do justice to yourself”

Posted on social networks, this video did not make many laughs. Massively reported on the government platform Pharos, it attracted the attention of the police. In addition, the driver has been identified by Internet users, and his contact details were leaked in an improvised wanted notice by a cohort of amateur investigators.

The scandal took on such proportions that Sarah Frikh, president of the association “Warm up our homeless”, had to intervene on Twitter: “The address of one of the two attackers of our homeless friends has been released. Above all, don’t do yourselves justice. “

Faced with growing controversy, Amin B, 24, the alleged driver of the vehicle, and Davnys F., 23, the alleged perpetrator of the video, surrendered to law enforcement. They were both taken into custody for armed violence, in assembly and with premeditation. Tuesday evening, their custody was extended, said the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

“They deserve to pay, it’s a crime”, the victim, Ali, told franceinfo, remembering the painful event: Saturday evening, there are four men in a car, there is one, the driver, who asked me for a cigarette. I wanted to give it to him, he grabbed my hand, he didn’t let go, I couldn’t loosen his grip and he said ‘you’re going to run now’. The victim details: “I had two fractures, the foot and the shoulder, and bruises everywhere”, affirming that the medical examiner gave him 45 days of total incapacity for work on Tuesday.

1000 euros to withdraw his complaint

Ali also says he was pressured on Monday to withdraw his complaint. “At the market, around noon, there is a young man who came, he said to me” Are you okay? ” He knew me. He told me “if you withdraw your complaint, the guy will give you 1000 euros tonight”. I told him that I would not withdraw my complaint. “

The second victim in the video has not been identified to date. In addition, a young woman, who does not appear in the images but says she suffered similar facts, has also lodged a complaint. “Investigations are continuing to identify all the passengers in the vehicle, use the cell phone with which the video was made and find other possible victims,” ​​said the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

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