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Nanterre: what do we know about the future judicial center dedicated to “serial and unsolved crimes”?

Provided for by the law “strengthening confidence in the judicial institution” promulgated on December 23, a judicial pole “dedicated to serial and unsolved crimes” should see the light of day on Tuesday, March 1, installed in Nanterre (92). What is it about ?

Overall, this “single and national pole” “should allow [ces vieux dossiers] to remain legally alive and to offer an answer to the victims ”, in the words of the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti, in an interview relayed this Wednesday by Agence France-Presse

located in nanterre

Established in Nanterre (92) in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the Versailles Court of Appeal (78), this new center will allow, according to the Minister of Justice, “to concentrate efforts, to centralize them and to coordinate them” around what more commonly known as “cold cases”, cases that have never been resolved.

Why not in Paris? Quite simply, according to the minister, because “the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) and the National Antiterrorist Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) are already attached to the Parisian jurisdiction”.

with three investigating judges

From Tuesday March 1, this pole will then be entrusted to three investigating judges, a first vice-president and two vice-presidents, who “will be 100% detached on these files”.

6 other people representing the prosecution will also be present: a magistrate, three clerks and two assistant lawyers. They too are “100% detached” to this new body.

To select them, Eric Dupond-Moretti intends to launch “a call for candidates […] in the coming days ”, before handing them“ to the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) ”.


“target =” _ blank “> real teamwork, therefore, to avoid that up to four magistrates can succeed one another on the same file, explains the minister, who wants magistrates to have “all the freedom to continue with the initial investigators or to seize a service specializing in crimes not elucidated ”.

attentive to the conservation of seals

Concerning the conservation of the seals, the poor conservation of which sometimes causes the loss of proof according to the Minister, the latter affirms that “very particular attention will be paid both to the conservation of these parts but also to their use. and their exploitation ”.

responsible for more than 240 files

In total, from its launch in March, this pole could be responsible for 241 files, some of which are particularly old. These are 173 unsolved crimes for which justice is seized and 68 procedures for serial crimes, according to the Minister of Justice.

Among the most publicized, the Grégory Villemin affair, this boy found dead in Vologne (Vosges) in 1984, the quadruple murder of Chevaline (Haute-Savoie) in 2012 or even the disappearance of Estelle nineteen years ago. Mouzin, case in which eight magistrates succeeded.

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