Saturday, May 21

Rugby: an English international star arrested on suspicion of rape of a teenage girl

An England rugby international was reportedly arrested by police last Sunday on suspicion of teenage rape.

The case was revealed by the British press. The identity of this “renowned” rugby player has not been disclosed for legal reasons, she said.

“Officers were called shortly before 11 am on Sunday January 9 to report a sexual assault on a woman,” said a police spokesperson.

The Sun indicates that the alleged victim was to take a taxi home with friends, but instead agreed to be accompanied by the player. The latter then took her to a property far from the city center where they would have spent the night.

The owner of the house then found the girl in a confused state the next morning and called to report a sexual assault. The victim was taken in charge by police officers specially trained in this kind of case, then questioned by these same agents.

A woman is also suspected of having administered a substance with the intention of causing the sexual assault in question. The latter and the player have been released on bail while the investigation continues.

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