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Unusual. Pursued by hunters, a 25 kilo wild boar lives with the one who saved him

For five months, Véronique Consolo and Woody have been inseparable. You might think that Woody is a bird, like the famous woodpecker, but he is indeed a wild boar: 25 kilos at only 4 months. “It’s sporty,” says the one who took him in when he was only a few days old. Now attached to the tamed animal, she campaigns to keep it by her side.

Bottles and attention

The fifty-something remembers well this September 19 and the barking of hunting dogs near her garden in the countryside of Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne). It was then that she saw a small boar on her property. “He was pursued and he landed in my garden”, she tells our colleagues from The Dispatch.

She waits for the hunters and their dogs to move away, then leaves the animal in a nearby cornfield. The boar immediately retraces his steps. She starts again a second time, then a third, then four with “the hope of seeing adoptive sisters pass.” Nothing helps: the wild boar always turns back.

Véronique gives in and welcomes the little boar to her home. Baptized Woody, he benefits from the care of his adoptive “mother” who gives him the bottle “every two hours” for a month and takes him to the vet to sterilize him and ensure that he is in good health. The wild boar grows and acclimates to life as a domestic animal.

A standoff with the administration

For Woody, Véronique arranges her garden which she completely encloses and takes the steps for its adoption. She files a declaration of detention with the Lot-et-Garonne prefecture, in accordance with the decree of 8 October 2018 authorizing the keeping of a purebred wild boar in a private home under this condition.

His request was refused and the administration fell to him to release the wild boar back into the wild. “No one wonders how he will live if he is released. His fellows will repel him, ”she retorts.

Véronique can count on the support of associations for the defense of animal causes which have launched a petition and a pot to pay attorney fees.

La Villeneuvoise intends to fight for the custody of Woody despite the threat of a fine. “I just want to save his life,” she defends herself.

For his lawyer, Me Louis de Redon, who insists that wild animals must not be picked up to be tamed, the case of Véronique and Woody is special since it was taken in as a baby.

“The law provides, for certain species, to hold, to welcome an animal to save it and it is strictly supervised”, he explains, questioned by our colleagues. “Often, administrations have a very rigorous, even erroneous, interpretation of the facts and refuse. The problem is, once the animal is tamed, only some can be released into the animal environment, ”he continues. He takes as an example the fox, which is quicker to become wild again, while “the boar, no. “

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