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16 homes evacuated after landslides: – Thursday will be the most intense day

E39 is closed in two places in Heim municipality, and in two places in Møre og Romsdal, residents have been evacuated.

Kvamsbekken on Fannrem in Orkland municipality has flooded.

On the night before Thursday, several landslides occurred in a residential area in Meldal, 70 km southwest of Trondheim. The first landslide took place at 02.00 and was followed by several landslides and landslides that entered the houses, writes Address.

No house should be taken directly. No one has been injured so far.

The extreme weather Gyda is ravaging the Northwest and Trøndelag. According to NVE, Thursday is the day that is most likely to occur.

– The water flow will continue to rise, and it is expected that the peak can be reached late Thursday or early Friday morning. This depends on both precipitation and temperature development, says Brigt Samdal, director of the landslide and watercourse department at NVE.

The extreme weather has been going on since Wednesday, and so far there have been reports of three evacuations of residential areas and several closed roads in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal.

Lots of water in the roadway in Skodje center in Ålesund where ditches and streams do not take away the water that comes during the extreme weather Gyda.

– Thursday will be the most intense day

Heavy summer rainfall, storms, huge waves, mild weather and slippery roads are the ingredients in what Gyda has to offer. The extreme weather has its explanation in a so-called atmospheric river.

In the last 24 hours, several places in the Northwest and in Trøndelag have received over 70 percent of the precipitation that otherwise comes during the whole of January, the Meteorological Institute reports on Thursday morning. Several places have received up to 150 millimeters of precipitation in the last 24 hours.

– There are large local variations. Thursday will be the most intense day, says regional manager of Terje Thuset in the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) to NRK.

– The floods are a little behind. The flood peak may come on Friday night, he continues.

New updated forecasts will come on Thursday morning.

16 homes evacuated after landslides

A landslide means that 16 homes have been evacuated at Sjøholt in Ålesund municipality.

– There has been a landslide in / near a construction site at Sjøholt. No injuries. 16 houses have been evacuated in the area pending geological investigations, reports the operations center in Møre og Romsdal police district.

Parts of a residential area on Sjøholt in Ørskog have been evacuated due to a landslide.

NTB is informed that 37 people have been registered as living in the houses in question, but the police estimate that the number of evacuees is somewhat lower than this.

Transfer Sunnmørsposten Operations Manager Per Ivar Hovden estimates that the landslide is 5-6 meters wide.

River in Eresfjord creates trouble

In Eresfjord in Molde municipality, the Dokkelva is in danger of crossing its banks, and 44 people have been evacuated from their homes.

– It is continuously assessed whether there is a need for further evacuations and how long the evacuation will last, writes the operations center.

Mayor Torgeir Dahl (H) informs NRK that Dokkelva has risen by more than one meter since 7 pm on Wednesday night.

– We believe that the river will cross its banks, he said just after midnight.

People have taken precautions and placed sandbags in the center of Skodje.

Closed roads

E39 is closed until Thursday night at Vasslivatnet in Heim municipality in Trøndelag due to a landslide. Flooding also closes the road between Vinjeøra and Stormyra, says Road traffic center in the middle.

In Gjemnes municipality, county road 6114 is closed due to surface water. In Volda, county road 5890 is closed between Åmelfot and Innselset due to a lot of water in the roadway. And in Verdal, county road 6900 is closed at Skjækerfossen due to flooding.

The damage reports are coming

So far have Gjensidige Forsikring received almost 30 claims in connection with Gyda. The figures are updated at 10 pm on Wednesday night.

– Several of our customers have already noticed the large amounts of precipitation and snowmelt. The most common inquiries are customers who have had the basement filled with water, backflow from the drainage network and leaks via leaky roofs and walls, says communications manager Pål Rune Eklo.

According to the company, the amount of the average damage for this type of incident is between 50,000 and 100,000 kroner, but a furnished basement can cost up to half a million kroner to repair.

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