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Coach: Karlsson will study Klæbo

Sweden’s ski favorite Frida Karlsson (22) has ended up in several tricky situations on the trail. Her coach Per Nilsson points to Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) as a good role model.

STARS: Norwegian Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Swedish Frida Karlsson are two of the biggest in the cross-country world.

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Karlsson dro home from the Tour de Ski first New Year’s Day after she received a time penalty of three minutes due to a illegal switching on the sprint. The day before, she fell twice in a joint start.

She received a yellow card in the sprint during the World Cup opening in Ruka in November. And during the Oberstdorf WC last year, Karlsson fell in two races.

– It’s too bad. I put myself in bad situations. Home to train, Karlsson said then VG confronted her with constant accidents in the track:

Per Nilsson has been Karlsson’s coach since she started at the ski high school in Sollefteå. The duo has shed light on the problems.

– She has a bit to go on the tactical part. She can be a little calmer and smarter in the field. She knows that she has such a capacity and can take it a little safer along the way, Nilsson says to VG and continues:

– But she’s that type. She has not learned to make all the smart choices yet. She knows about it and is not stupid, but it can happen in the heat of battle. We talk about it and think about it. There is plenty of experience, but she does not have to put herself in such situations so often.

He believes Karlsson should be inspired by Johannes Høsflot Klæbo.

– Klæbo “never” puts himself in dangerous situations. He is a good role model in that respect – how he solves different parts of the race and challenges in the field. We will look at him more and try to learn, says Nilsson.

Karlsson is among Sweden’s most popular athletes:

Klæbo ended up in contact with Aleksandr Bolshunov in the Oberstdorf WC and lost the gold at five miles. But otherwise you “never” see the Trøndelag man fall, break his staff or incur warnings from the jury.

Klæbo thinks it is pleasant to hear that big stars like Karlsson will learn from him.

– I have not heard this before, so it is of course nice to hear such things. Everyone likes to hear nice things. Then it’s not something I spend a lot of time on, says Klæbo to VG.

Mia Karlsson, Frida’s mother and manager, believes the offensiveness of the 22-year-old is one of her strengths, but sometimes it goes too far.

– Her head takes over. It’s about the skull. It is also one of her strongest driving forces. But you have to keep in mind that she is still very young and she has not done very many joint starts or sprints in the World Cup. It is a training case, but things will never stop happening around Frida, says Mia Karlsson to VG.

Both Klæbo and Karlsson are big gold hopes for the Olympics in Beijing, which starts on 4 February. In the meantime, both the Norwegians and the Swedes are going to an altitude camp in the Italian Dolomites.

After the World Cup, Karlsson had to receive treatment:

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