Sunday, May 15

The 29-cent baguette is making waves

The Leclerc chain of stores announced this week the sale of a baguette at 29 cents for four months to, she assures, preserve the purchasing power of the French. An announcement that immediately sparked an outcry among farmers, millers and bakers.

In unison, they all denounce a “demagogic and destructive of values” campaign.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced on Tuesday that he was blocking the price of the baguette in the group’s stores at 29 euro cents – or even up to 23 cents – for at least four months, in the name of the defense of power purchasing by the French in an inflationary context.

A declaration of war for the entire wheat sector. Cereal growers, millers and bakers, as well as the FNSEA, the first agricultural union, denounced in a joint press release “prices that willfully destroy values”.

This announcement also had repercussions at the political level. The National Assembly thus rejected this Thursday a bill brought by Jean-Luc Mélenchon which aimed to be able to block certain prices in the event of “social emergency”, as currently necessary according to the rebellious, who pinned on this occasion the baguette at 0.29 euro from the Leclerc group.

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