Sunday, May 22

“A tsunami of famine” washes over Afghanistan. The Taliban will solve the crisis with a new form of money.

The Taliban government does not receive direct assistance from the UN. The new form of payment casts doubt on whether that plan works.

A UN worker is transporting aid to a relief center outside Kabul in October 2021.

It is a truth that is accepted by most people, that if you are the boss, you have to pay those who work for you. If not, you will have a shortage of labor. Many people take it for granted that the payment is made in the form of money and monthly payslips.

But what if all your money disappears? How do you get people to show up for work every morning?

That is the question the Taliban government in Afghanistan has had to ask itself after they took power in the country. In recent months, the list of extremist Islamists’ problems has grown.

IS continues to carry out terrorist attacks. The Taliban does not have the money to pay workers. Millions of people are starving.

Now they hope that a new scheme will solve two of the problems at once.

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