Monday, January 17

Combine. Sexagenarian found dead, her body partly charred: her spouse placed in police custody

A woman in her 60s was found dead on Thursday at her home in Gannat, a small town of 5,000 inhabitants about 20 kilometers from Vichy, in the Allier region, reports The mountain. His body was partly charred.

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It was the nurse who gave the alert. First surprised by the attitude of the victim’s spouse, who did not want to let her in, she then saw the body of the sixty-year-old in the distance.

The companion was arrested and taken into custody.

An autopsy was performed on Friday.

For the time being, “no element allows to support a criminal thesis”, specified √Čric Neveu, the public prosecutor of Cusset. The track of the accident is not excluded because no trace of violence was found on the body.

Both the man and the woman were placed under guardianship.

The suspect could be indicted this Saturday for “failure to assist a person in danger”.

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