Monday, January 17

Covid-19: these 5 foods should be avoided if you are positive

The Omicron variant continues to make hundreds of thousands of new cases every day. For the lucky ones, the disease results in an absence of symptoms.

But sometimes they can be more troublesome to the point of requiring hospitalization. Here are the foods that an American nutritionist recommends avoiding for people diagnosed with coronavirus.

The alcohol

It’s a matter of common sense, but alcohol is indeed to be prohibited in the event of symptoms, explains dietician Lisa Valente for the Eatingwell site. It will dehydrate the body and decrease its ability to recover which is the opposite of what you are looking for when you have a fever. Even a simple beer is to be avoided.


Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage or broccoli are particularly hard to digest. If gastric problems occur with the virus such as diarrhea, we should avoid eating these foods which will draw a lot of energy to be digested. It is necessary to privilege light meals, easily assimilated by the stomach.

white beans

If they are sources of fiber, white beans are, like other legumes, very difficult to digest. Here again, you must avoid complicating the task of your digestive system.


If the loss of taste can encourage you to stock up on spices in your kitchen to try to awaken your taste buds, you must take care to limit their use. Indeed, spices may irritate the throat. The Omicron variant can be accompanied by coughing problems, it is better to avoid adding fire to your throat.

The vinegar

Highly acidic foods can also irritate the throat and make irritated coughs worse. But they can also trigger heartburn and acid reflux that will lead to a nocturnal cough.

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