Monday, January 17

Yes, the music was better before (shows the numbers)

The revolution that is now taking place in the music industry is called “the catalog craze”.

Better before? The rights to the late David Bowie’s song catalog were recently sold for NOK 2.2 billion.

“Now it’s revolution in progress, isn’t it?”, Sang the Swedish cult rock band bob hund in one of their most famous songs in 1998. Since then, most things have changed, not least in the music industry.

The first revolution came a decade later with the launch of the Swedish streaming service Spotify in 2008. With the exception of a few giant stars who still sell some CDs, cassettes and a few more vinyl records, artists like Adele and Taylor Swift, all consumption of music now happens via Spotify and similar streaming services. In Norway, the power share is over 90 percent. Globally, the figure is lower, but well over 60 percent.

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