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Reacts after the eviction of Djokovic: – A stain

Novak Djokovic (34) would become the most winning tennis player of all time with a victory in the Australian Open. Due to the lack of corona vaccine, the Serb is now being thrown out of the country.

THROWN OUT: Novak Djokovic has to leave Australia.

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– The case is a stain, says Eurosport commentator Christer Francke (52).

– For whom?

– Actually for everyone. Djokovic has his opponents and supporters, but it is the sport that loses. There are no winners here, says the former tennis player to VG.

Sunday morning Norwegian time, Australian court announced that world number one Novak Djokovic is deported from the country. The Serb has not been vaccinated and therefore got into trouble when he arrived in the country last week to play the Australian Open. The 34-year-old himself believed that he had been granted an exemption prior to the trip due to having undergone covid-19 disease in December.

That was not the case. After a total of five days in quarantine hotels, cancellations of visas and anchors from Djokovic, the final verdict came the day before the Australian Open starts: Djokovic is not allowed to participate. Instead, he is thrown out of the country.

“I am extremely disappointed with the court’s decision to reject my appeal for legal review of the minister’s decision to cancel my visa which means I cannot stay in Australia and participate in the Australian Open,” Djokovic said in a statement.

The case has led to protests against the Australian authorities:

Djokovic has won 20 Grand Slam titles in his career. Only Swiss Roger Federer (40) and Spanish Rafael Nadal (35) have the same number of victories in the sport’s most prestigious tournaments. No one has won the Australian Open more times than the Serb’s nine triumphs.

With a new victory in this year’s tournament, Djokovic would become the most winning Grand Slam player of all time.

– He could have become historic. It is a pity for the sport of tennis, those who arrange the tournament and for Djokovic, who has fought with beaks and claws to play his favorite tournament, says Francke.

DO NOT PLAY: Djokovic was the biggest favorite to win the Australian Open.

Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, has expressed concern that others will follow suit when it comes to refusing to be vaccinated against corona.

“His behavior can help encourage or influence others to do as he does, and avoid complying with orders after a positive corona test, which in itself can lead to further spread,” Hawke said.

Djokovic’s own lawyer, Nick Wood, said this during tonight’s hearing:

– We assume that the minister has not reflected on what can happen at another exit: That his visa is canceled, and his career gets a stop. It is quite obvious that this can lead to anti-vaccine attitudes.

The lawyer also pointed out that there have been no demonstrations against vaccines at any of the tournaments Djokovic has participated in.

– This has become a more political than sporting issue over time, says Francke.

FOLLOWED: Djokovic has received support from, among others, his own compatriots in the Australia case. Here, four of them follow the night’s hearing.

– The vaccine has been very careful in Australia. They do not accept that you have not been vaccinated. You have to have respect for that. This has contributed to them having so few cases of infection in the country, says the Eurosport commentator, before continuing:

– Then it is understandable that Team Djokovic is probably disappointed and cursed. They had been given the go-ahead to participate. There is no one who takes an entire team with them around the world if you have not been allowed in advance. So there are things that are not entirely good. At the same time, he has probably said that he is not a vaccine opponent. He is perhaps the most dedicated tennis player there is. You also have to respect that in a way. He went to Australia with a promise to play. He does not want the vaccine in his body. That is his position.

Djokovic has explained that he passed a positive test for corona on December 16. On December 17, however, Djokovic was pictured at a rally for the sport of tennis in Belgrade. The 34-year-old claims that he had not received an answer to the PCR test at that time, but that he had taken a negative rapid test.

The answer to the PCR test, which should have been positive, should have come later in the day on 17 December. On December 18, however, Djokovic conducted an interview with Frenchman L’Equipe.

Djokovic has explained on Instagram that he felt obliged to do the interview, and he did not want to disappoint the journalist. He now regrets this, even though he claims to have kept his distance and used a face mask.

– This was a misjudgment, and I should have rebooked the agreement, Djokovic has stated.

This has happened since Djokovic boarded the plane in Spain:

January 4: Djokovic tells on Instagram that he is traveling to Australia with a permit for an exemption, which refers to corona rules:

January 5: Djokovic arrives in Melbourne from Spain. He is interviewed by border guards.

January 6: He is deprived of his visa and transported to a quarantine hotel, the Park Hotel in Melbourne. Prime Minister Scott Morrison told a news conference that the corona in the last six months is not enough for a quarantine-free arrival in the country.

January 10: There is a hearing for Djokovic. The judge decides that Djokovic can be released from the quarantine hotel, but also makes it clear that the Minister of Immigration has the right to deport Djokovic. The interviews with the border police are published.

January 11: Australian border police investigate whether Djokovic provided false information before arriving in Australia.

January 12: Djokovic says his support staff has provided additional information. Australian border police are investigating conditions surrounding the positive test in December.

January 13: Djokovic is drawn against compatriot Miomir Kecmanovic in the first round of the Australia Open.

January 14: Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, withdraws Djokovic’s visa for the Australia Open.

January 16: The Australian Federal Court in Melbourne upholds the rejection of Djokovic’s visa application. Thus, Djokovic is thrown out of the country and loses the Australian Open.

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