Monday, May 16

Justice. Guerlain family: an endless series of trials

This Monday, Stéphane Guerlain, intellectual property lawyer and son of the famous perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, is summoned to appear, for insults and death threats against his father’s companion, Christina Kragh Michelsen. This trial is neither the first nor the last in a long series of legal proceedings between them.

The impossible marriage source of multiple procedures

Jean-Paul Guerlain, now 85, met Christina Kragh Michelsen at a horse racing event in 2005. Horses are, outside the world of perfumery, the only known passion of the heir to the Guerlain house, and he shares it with this Franco-Danish 20 years his junior. Very quickly, a couple formed and she moved with her equines to her property in Les Mesnuls, near the forest of Rambouillet, in the Yvelines.

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From the start, Stéphane Guerlain took a dim view of this merger. He believes that his father’s companion is trying to take control of his heritage. Younger than the perfumer in his twenties, the son accuses him of being, according to Point, a “kept girl”, seeking at all costs to marry to obtain the Guerlain name. This is why the son, guardian of Jean-Paul Guerlain since his state of health declines, opposed the legal union of the couple. In 2015, the Kragh-Guerlain couple asked the guardianship judge to authorize their marriage under the regime of separation of property. In vain, reports The Parisian.

New attempt in 2020, and new failure: Stéphane Guerlain believes that his father is not in a condition to consent to a marriage, and the court rules in his favor. For their part, the Kragh-Guerlain couple introduced eight procedures for changing guardians. Without success.

Criminal attacks and counterattacks

Between the son of the patriarch, and his concubine, the criminal attacks multiply. According to information from Parisian, a first complaint by Stéphane Guerlain for “breach of trust, forgery and use of forgery” was filed in 2017. In 2019, it was she who filed a complaint against him for violence, again without effect. During the spring 2020 confinement, he denounces her for having received people in the property. In return, she sues him for “forgery and use of forgery”.

Last September, a new counter-attack from Stéphane Guerlain: Christina Kragh Michelsen compared for the supposed “neglect” of her vulnerable spouse and the “moral harassment” of her home help. If the court noted that Kragh Michelsen had been able to “obstruct care”, “this hindrance does not constitute the offense of abandonment”, he ruled, before releasing her.

Death threats, attempted murder…

In May 2020, Stéphane Guerlain shows up at his father’s house and gets angry with Christina Kragh Michelsen, without knowing that the conversation is secretly recorded. “You’re just a p***, because it has to be said. As long as I’m alive, you won’t get married, and I’ll get you out of here, I assure you. And if you continue to annoy him (…), I assure you that your horses, they will go away. And watch your horses, huh, because that’s the only thing that matters to you…”. It is for these remarks that Stéphane Guerlain appeared on Monday, for the facts of non-public insult, harassment and death threats, before the Versailles Criminal Court.

At the same time, another investigation is opened for attempted murder. According to Le Point, on December 10, Christina Kragh reportedly declared to the Rambouillet gendarmerie that she had narrowly escaped an accident near the estate: “There is a car coming behind me and which I cannot see at all. and hits me in the hip. I threw myself on the ground on the right of the road in the bushes to avoid the car. “The sexagenarian points to Stéphane Guerlain:” He is a psychopath (…). Next time, what will it be? I will be in a wheelchair, even dead. “The waltz of procedures is far from over…

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