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Presidential 2022. University registration fees: Valérie Pécresse denounces the “provocation” of Emmanuel Macron

This Monday, on Europe 1, Valérie Pécresse denounced Emmanuel Macron’s “provocation” to want to charge more for university entrance. On January 13, during the closing by videoconference of the Congress of the Conference of University Presidents, the Head of State indicated that he wanted a “systemic” reform of these universities, which he wanted to be more “professionalizing”. But the President of the Republic considers untenable a system of higher education “without any price” for students but with a massive failure rate.

According to him, France will not be able “to remain permanently in a system where higher education has no price for almost all students, where a third of students are considered to be scholarship holders and where, however, we have so many student precariousness , and a difficulty in financing a model much more financed by public money than anywhere in the world”.

” It’s provocation “

“Talking about the increase in tuition fees for families who today are in real trouble with purchasing power, even though there is such a strong withdrawal from the State for the university, for me it’s ‘is provocation,’ criticized Nicolas Sarkozy’s former Minister of Higher Education. “When I was Minister of Universities, there was reform and means, but for five years, there has been neither reform nor means”, accused the president of the Ile-de-France region.

“Restore autonomy to the university”

“When we take the volume of public credits divided by the number of students in our country, it has decreased compared to the period when Valérie Pécresse was Minister of Universities”, abounds Patrick Stefanini, his campaign manager, at the microphone of LCI . “The President of the Republic was wrong to want to oppose the universities and the grandes écoles, he judges. We must make them work together and we must give more resources to universities. »

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Valérie Pécresse thus pleads to “restore momentum to this university autonomy which is the norm in the world and which makes it possible to effectively seek partnerships everywhere”. And insists on the need to “do stage 2 because François Hollande, with Emmanuel Macron, have unraveled this reform”. The Republican candidate believes she is defending the “model of tomorrow” where grandes écoles and universities work “together”, and “not a model where we oppose each other, where we break up the grandes écoles to give to the universities”.

Already on Sunday, Yannick Jadot also considered Emmanuel Macron’s proposal “shocking”, even going so far as to accuse him of being “the most anti-young president of the Fifth Republic”. “Make the University pay and therefore reserve it for the richest? “, he asks on Twitter. “That’s not equality,” he asserts. Education is at the heart of our country, it must remain free. »

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