Saturday, May 21

CAF: who will receive the “inflation bonus” paid this Thursday?

Set up to compensate for the rise in energy prices for incomes below 2,000 euros per month, the “inflation allowance” (or “inflation bonus”) is currently paid to some 38 million French people. Among them, the beneficiaries of allowances and social benefits who will receive it from this Thursday, January 20.

This aid, worth 100 euros, will thus be paid by the Family Allowance Fund to people who receive the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), the solidarity income paid in Overseas, the shared full-rate child education benefit (PreParE), or even personal housing assistance for non-scholarship students, as indicated in the CAF on his site.

A boost all the more welcome as it comes at a time when fuel prices broke a new record at the end of last week.

No particular procedure

As a reminder, there is no particular procedure to take in order to benefit from this aid. The people concerned by the criteria will therefore be able to receive the amount directly into their bank account.

It should also be noted that several profiles are concerned, this is particularly the case of retirees, who must receive the bonus via their pension fund in February.

In total, according to the figures provided by the government, “it is 3.8 billion euros which are distributed between 2021 and 2022”, to finance this device.

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