Saturday, May 21

Covid-19. Cafes, restaurants: Jean Castex wants to limit breakage

Morale at half mast in cafes, restaurants, shops, or beauty salons. Omicron, by sending employees home, disrupts the economic activity of restaurants and shops.

“With telework, bars and restaurants are empty,” laments Jean Terlon, vice-president of Umih (union of trades and hotel industries). Since the start of the sales, the stores have made the same observation. Attendance is down sharply.

At the start of the year, 93% of café owners say they are suffering a drop in activity due to the health measures taken by the government and in particular the ban on drinking standing up at the bar, according to a study carried out in January by four organizations in the sector. . The proportion is similar in catering, events or hotels.

35% less traffic in stores in early January

As for clothing brands, the drop in store traffic reached 35% at the start of January (see box). Same in the…

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