Sunday, May 22

Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West… Who are the 10 highest paid artists in 2021?

While the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted artists’ incomes, some superstars continue to break records. The top 10 highest paid artists (very male) has just been revealed by Rolling Stones magazine.

The very first in the list is Bruce Springsteen, with 590 million dollars. This amount combines all the artists’ sources of income, whether they are record sales, concerts, the rights derived from the use of their works, in streaming, on the radio, in films or advertisements, their possible partnerships or their financial operations, dont the sales of their catalogs which can sometimes reach colossal sums, detail our colleagues.

Bruce Springsteen owes this position precisely to the sale of its catalog, in large part. His music rights were sold to Sony for an estimated $500 million. (440 million euros).

Only one woman in this ranking

Next is Jay Z, with $470 million (half of his champagne brand was sold to Armand de Brignac, for 300 million dollars), folk/rock giant Paul Simon ($260 million), Kanye West – renamed Yé – ($250 million) as well as the singer de One Republic, Ryan Tedder (200 millions).

Concerning the last five positions of the classification, endowed with a single female name, we discover the Red Hot Chili Peppers ($145 million), the former mastermind of the group Fleetwood Mac Lindsey Buckingham ($100 million), the former metal band Mötley Crüe ($95 million), la figure de la country Blake Shelton ($83 million) and finally Taylor Swift ($80 million).

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