Sunday, May 22

Eric Zemmour responds to Marine Le Pen: “There is no monopoly on candidacy”

Guest of Laurence Ferrari in the Morning of CNEWS, the presidential candidate Eric Zemmour responded to Marine Le Pen who accuses him of imitating his political strategy.

“There is no monopoly on candidacy. I know that Marine Le Pen was a candidate five years ago, that she was a candidate ten years ago, that she will no doubt be in five years, in ten years, that in 2032 there will be Marine Le Pen candidate but there is no monopoly”, he underlined.

And to insist: “Marine Le Pen does not have the monopoly of the nationalist candidacy, she does not have the monopoly of the patriotic candidacy, she does not have the monopoly of the anti-immigrant candidacy”.

“Marine le Pen had her chance, she didn’t take it. I would remind you of her calamitous debate in 2017. In the history of the Fifth Republic, which she apparently knows little about, when there is a single candidacy, that does not mean certainty of victory. On the contrary, when there are several candidacies in the same camp, that does not mean a certainty of defeat”, specified Eric Zemmour.

“I am the only candidacy to break with the system”

Faced with the accusations of the deputy of Pas-de-Calais, who believes that “the elderly want stability and not a madman at the Elysée”, the polemicist also wanted to answer him.

“Madame Le Pen tries to pass me off as mad and brutal. I note that she speaks like all the political class, which proves that she is well integrated into the system that she pretends to denounce. It is part of the system,” he said. “I say to his voters who want to rebel against this system that I am the only candidate to break with the system,” he added.

The day before, during a press briefing on her vision of Europe, the RN candidate had advised the polemicist to “try to find his own identity, perhaps his own trademark, his own way of doing things. politics”. “It’s kind of a friend’s advice,” she quipped.

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