Sunday, May 22

Music comes to school – Faxinfo

This Monday morning, a double musical awakening workshop was organized at the Eliane Clarke kindergarten, for the greatest pleasure of children.

François Bry, a music teacher for 33 years in mainland France, an accomplished musician and a great music lover, led this introduction to music with the hand of a guitarist in two upper-grade classes at the Eliane Clarke kindergarten in Quartier d’Orléans. About thirty 6-year-old children were able to follow, in two stages, the rhythm of this passionate man who wanted to pass on this love of music that has always animated him. It is under cover of the socio-cultural association Zebuline which has been promoting the development of theater and means of artistic expression for two years that François Bry proposed to Fred Peuron, director of the Eliane Clarke school, to introduce the music for older children but also to involve them by playing an instrument themselves. Maracas, tambourine, triangle, the panel of percussion delighted the kids, some of whom discovered each object with illuminated eyes… who redoubled their pleasure when François took out his guitar and plugged it into his amp. The children followed the facilitator’s instructions and sang “la laaa la la la” to accompany him on the chorus of “Life is Life” by the group OPUS. The 40-minute music lesson transformed the toddlers into real first-time musicians. A second session is already in preparation. It is thanks to the idea suggested by a friend working at the Service Jeunesse & Sports of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin that François launched this unique project which gives pride of place to the unifying power of music, and this, for free. In a territory where access to culture remains limited for early childhood and where the cruel lack of means limits artistic activities of this type, Fred Peuron is delighted with this initiative which brings dynamism and educational added value to the ‘establishment. When culture passes in front of the school, we must bring it in. _Vx

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