Wednesday, May 18

The government and SV are abolishing the compensation scheme for business and industry

After 28 February, the compensation scheme for the business community will be abolished. SV’s Kari Elisabeth Kaski informs E24. They also limit the possibility of increasing management salaries for companies that receive support.


– We now fully state that it will not be continued after 28 February. Now it’s over, says Kari Elisabeth Kaski in SV to E24.

– We agree that it should end then.

SV and the government have now agreed on the new wage support scheme and the changed compensation scheme for the business community.

Limits executive pay

The government had already planned to refuse companies that receive support to withdraw dividends, and to demand repayment for companies that make a profit. Kaski and SV have long been opposed to the scheme, and in negotiations with the governing parties, they agreed to weaken the scheme further.

Among other things, what Kaski calls “social demands” are now being introduced, such as restrictions on extraordinary bonuses and increased executive salaries for companies that receive support.

– We add a requirement that no extraordinary salary payments or bonus payments be made. This means that it will not be possible to circumvent the dividend ban contained in the scheme.

– How are you going to follow it?

– In the same way as the restrictions on dividends and profits, there will be a follow-up check here. You may then have to pay back the support if you have made this type of allocation, says Kaski.

Strengthens the wage support scheme

At the same time, the government and SV are strengthening the wage support scheme, so that it remains at the same level even after January. The amount of support per employee will continue to be NOK 40,000.

Kaski also states that they have taken steps to ensure that the wage subsidy hits seasonal companies better.

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