Monday, May 16

Unusual. Thomas Pesquet did nearly 50 PCR tests before taking off for the ISS

Thomas Pesquet has been discreet since his return to Earth in early November. The Frenchman, who spent six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in 2021, took time for himself and his family.

Guest on BFMTV Tuesday, the astronaut returned to his second experience in space … in the midst of a pandemic. In particular, he revealed that he had carried out nearly 50 PCR tests during the months preceding his mission in order to avoid taking the Covid-19 there.

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“We were very careful about the virus because we didn’t want to endanger the mission. In fact, catching the Covid before and then delaying or canceling the takeoff, or even worse, taking the Covid on board the Space Station, for the colleagues who were already on board, there. So we were very careful, ”he said on the set of the news channel. “I did 49 PCR tests before takeoff! I counted them! »

For the moment (and fortunately!), no case of Covid-19 has been detected in space.

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