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Why does she always find fault with new partners? Are you afraid of being rejected, then you would rather reject yourself, Frode Thuen asks.

She is struggling to find a partner. Is she too lax with the requirements?

Dating is a hot topic at the moment and something I have put a lot of effort into. I’m in my early fifties. Since I got divorced about ten years ago, I have made various attempts to get in touch with men via dating sites. I have met several nice men. Some meetings turned into short-term relationships, a few into something long-lasting. However, it has never worked out properly, so I am still part of the singles statistics.

I struggle with choosing a partner. I have been sucked many times, but the times where the chemistry has been there, it has come to an end because I have become preoccupied with a negative trait on the other and have not been able to put the thought of it away. I have entered a round dance of thoughts and automatic thoughts. It’s all about comparing the candidate with other people around me, and this thought process has driven me straight into a depressive mode.

The problem has been addressed in therapy, and I have talked to many people about this and not met anyone with similar reaction and thought patterns. So it is both a sorrow and a riddle. Why am I bothered by this thought process? Is it the body’s way of telling me that I’m on a wild goose chase in choosing a partner? I want a partner, and at times the longing has been great. This may have led me to try to have a relationship with a man where the chemistry has been good, while otherwise I have not been particularly attracted.

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