Monday, May 16

François Baroin: the former minister becomes president of Barclays France

The British bank Barclays announced this Thursday, January 20 the appointment of former minister François Baroin as president of its French subsidiary.

The mayor of Troyes (Aube), 56, has exercised since 2018 an advisory role within the bank on investment banking professions.

“The experience and stature of François Baroin make him an ideal choice to become Chairman (president, Editor’s note) for France”, explained Francesco Ceccato, CEO of Barclays Europe, quoted in a press release.

François Baroin will notably be responsible for participating in the development of relations with the bank’s major clients and the promotion of all the activities and solutions offered by Barclays in France.

The British bank employs around 300 people in France, with an investment banking activity but also investment, financing and private banking.

Many private ministers

Other former ministers have chosen the private sector. François Baroin’s former colleague, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, notably worked for Capgemini, while former Prime Minister François Fillon joined the asset management and investment company Tikehau Capital.

Fleur Pellerin, former Minister of Culture under François Hollande, for her part founded an investment fund, Korelya Capital, in 2016.

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