Saturday, May 21

impending conflict? Here are the satellite photos that show Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border

Maxar Technologies satellite images captured yesterday show Russian forces deployed in four locations in western Russia, near the border with Ukraine, north of the capital Kyiv.

The Kremlin has massed some 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders, a buildup the West says is preparation for war to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO’s western security alliance.

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US President Joe Biden said yesterday during his speech after a year of presidency that he was now certain Russia was going to act on Ukraine. He claimed Russia would pay dearly for a full-scale invasion and suggested a proportionate response for a “minor incursion”.

We had frank discussions, Vladimir Putin and I, and his idea is that NATO is not united. I do not believe it. I spoke to all the main leaders of NATO. We had a summit on Russia (…) and I think what you will see is that Russia will be held accountable. It’s one thing if this is a minor incursion and we have to fight over what to do and what not to do. But if they do what they are able to do with the forces amassed on the border, it will be a disaster for Russia if they invade Ukraine further. Our allies and partners are ready to impose significant costs and significant harm on the Russian economy. We will strengthen our NATO allies. I’ve already shipped over $600 million worth of sophisticated equipment, defensive equipment, to the Ukrainians. The cost of entering Ukraine in terms of physical loss of life for the Russians, they will be able to overcome over time, but it will be heavy. And it’s gonna be real. And it will be substantial. And on top of that, Putin has a stark choice: de-escalation and diplomacy or confrontation and consequences.”

Russian officials have repeatedly denied plans to invade their pro-European neighbor.

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