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The corona infection Tande makes the Olympic preparations in the kitchen

STOVNER / FROGNER (VG) Corona-infected Daniel-André Tande (27) can see well down Groruddalen from the balcony at home on Stovner, but it is more uncertain whether he can see an Olympic ticket to China in the distance.

LOOKING FORWARD: Daniel-André Tande hopes he gets a competition or two in the Olympics. Here he is standing on the balcony of the apartment at home in Stovner, looking at VG’s photographer in pure March 2020 style.

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Positive corona tests have made the Olympic trip uncertain for both Tande and Johann André Forfang (26), but the duo are not currently stressed.

Teeth tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this week, and must test negative four times before he can board the chartered plane to the Olympic summit, with departure dates of 27 and 31 January.

– I almost think it’s weird that I have not had it before. I’ve had almost everything possible to have from diseases since swine flu. It’s strange I have not had corona already three times so far, says a moody Tande on the phone to VG.

– The swine flu was worse. I did not have a vaccine for it, so that may be why, he adds.

AS CUTTING IN THE GARDEN: For the time being, Tande is calm about his participation in the Olympics.

Should there be no departure in January, a later departure may be relevant in another way. For now, Tande takes it as “it comes”.

– I have not thought too much about it, to be completely honest. Right here and now I can not do anything about it, so then I try to enjoy myself in my own company, he says.

He is not worried about the training break either. The 27-year-old thinks he has been on the right track this winter, and thinks he can continue on the same track after the quarantine period.

– Sometimes it can be positive to take a short break from jumping and jumping technique. You have to automate a movement in jumping. The less you think and try when you are on the ski jump, the easier it is for the body to make the movement you have trained your body to train. This is what we call surplus shopping, says Tande.

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Ground training has been replaced by squats and lunges in the kitchen, and he regrets that he did not take last year’s plans to create a proper gym in the apartment seriously.

– The dumbest thing you can do is to lie still all day. I have many enough experiences from previous hospital visits, so you try as best you can to stay in some activity, he says.

The dry cough that has hung in since a flu in October is still there, but in recent days there has also been some snoring and some headaches. He feels healthy – the test says otherwise.

The free hours are filled, among other things, by the game League of Legends.

– I have always had a great love for gaming, so it’s a great way to waste a few hours, Tande says on the phone.

– I bought my gaming laptop just before I went to Planica. I was not allowed to use it right away, he says with a laugh.

After the ugly fall in Planica in March last year, the Olympics have been a natural goal for the 27-year-old, although the biggest motivation for coming back was particularly simple:

– It’s because I like to ski, he says.

Tande has lived in the apartment at Stovner for almost five years. During the summer, he looks over at the golfers on the other side of the road, and Tande himself has become an avid player in recent years.

Last spring, he saw the golfers start the season at Groruddalen Golf Club, while he lay on the sofa after the collarbone fracture in Planica and longed for it.

The snow-poor winter in Oslo, which has led to first and foremost hard-packed snow and ice outside, means that the winter shortage is not so great.

Besides he would rather be Titisee-Neustadt this weekend, then.

– I always say that it is not fun to watch ski jumping, because it means that you are not with yourself, says Tande.

TRAVEL HABIT: Tande admits that he could have given a little more love to the plants on the balcony, which with the 27-year-old’s hectic everyday travel has not had the best growing conditions.

In Germany there are only four Norwegian jumpers. Halvor Egner Granerud is the only one of the four who is going to the Olympics.

Of the Olympic jumpers in question, Robert Johansson stands over with a sore back, Marius Lindvik is defined as close contact after sharing an apartment with Tande and stands over – in addition to Tande and Forfang.

The latter has taken in an apartment hotel on Frogner, and has just received TV 2 in the backyard when VG’s photographer comes by.

THE MAN IN THE WINDOW: Johann André Forfang scouts the backyard of Frogner.

– It is not optimal to be isolated in a room rather than compete and train. At the same time, I feel that if I manage to get well and be out of quarantine quickly, then it should not have much to say for the physical shape towards the Olympics, says Forfang.

– How do you look at the next few days in isolation?

– I do not quite know. I’ll try to watch some series and YouTube over the next six days. At least there will be no training for me today, he says.

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