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The outgoing leader of the Oslo Conservatives admits: – I wanted re-election

Heidi Nordby Lunde resigns as leader of the Oslo Conservatives after the annual meeting this weekend. – It was warnings of riots in the districts that made me withdraw, she said in the opening speech.

Heidi Nordby Lunde told tonight the Oslo Conservatives’ annual meeting that she chose to step aside after warnings of a nascent rebellion against her.
  • Arnhild Aass Kristiansen


This weekend, the Oslo Conservatives will hold their annual meeting, digitally as a result of the pandemic. Here, the party will elect a new leader, after all, judging by the lawyer Morten Steenstrup.

In her opening speech to the members tonight, outgoing leader Heidi Nordby Lunde addressed the aggravated situation that led to her announced its departure in October.

– As you know, I wanted re-election as leader, said Heidi Nordby Lunde. She explained that it was because she was motivated to work to put the Conservatives’ issues on the agenda.

– Then it is the case that one should never take positions for granted. When I was warned of a city uprising that would take place if I chose to stand, I did as I have learned in Oslo Conservatives. We put the party in front of position and step aside instead of taking devastating fights, said Heidi Nordby Lunde.

She justified this, among other things, with the fact that such settlements are detrimental to the motivation of voters and members.

– There are too many good people in the party to let destructive forces tear them down, said Lunde, and added:

– Then I have understood that this uprising was considerably exaggerated, but once it has become as it has become, I will do my part so that we can just raise our ambitions, look up and look ahead.

Positions behind new leader

She emphasized that she is 100 percent behind the recommendation of Morten Steenstrup as the new leader of the Oslo Conservatives and former Oslo City Councilor Merete Agerbak-Jensen as deputy leader.

Lunde has led the county team in Oslo for four years.

She was not the only one who on Friday night dealt with the many conflicts that unfolded on the open stage in Oslo Conservatives last year.

Anita Leirvik North, who heads the women’s network in the Oslo Conservative Party, also addressed the conflicts.

– I want to come with a little sigh of relief. In the last year, there have been a number of things in my party that I do not recognize myself in. People have obviously not wanted each other well. Competition is good, we agree. But what we have seen in the last year has not been good. Now we have to rebuild the party and we have to rebuild each other. And we must want each other well, said North, who thanked Heidi Nordby Lunde for the effort.

– The right loses on conflict

Merete Agerbak-Jensen, who has been nominated as the new deputy leader of the Oslo Conservatives, and city council representative Per Trygve Hoff, also asked that there should now be an end to personal conflicts.

– At times I have not recognized in my party, said Agerbak-Jensen.

She believed that there must be an end to internal conflicts, and said that the Oslo Conservatives do not have time to argue internally.

“Unfortunately, our political opponents benefit from this,” she said, referring to a quote by former party leader Jan P. Syse:

– We must hang together, otherwise we will be hung separately.

Heidi Nordby Lunde is not the only one in the Oslo Conservative Party who was pushed out of a leading position last year.

In January, the then group leader Øystein Sundelin was dramatically thrown out by a majority in the city council group.

– This year has been very special for the Oslo Conservatives. An “annus horribilis” says some, with dishes and personal conflicts for open door. We can not be proud of this, said Hoff.

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