Wednesday, May 18

Cinema: Canal+ obtains a historic agreement on media chronology

The media timeline is changing. According to a new agreement signed by the main players in the French market, the waiting time between the release of a film in theaters and its broadcast on television will be much shorter from February 10.

This was validated after several weeks of negotiations between Canal+ and the French cinema industry. The encrypted channel and Ciné + have thus agreed to invest even more money in the cinema – up to 190 million euros per year, instead of 160 million – to obtain in return a first window of diffusion of all the films (not only French films) only 6 months after being shown in cinemas, unlike 8 months today. With an exclusivity of almost a year and a half on its antennas, from the moment these films are pre-financed by Canal+, that is to say 300 to 400 films per year.

Netflix is ​​the other entertainment giant to benefit from this historic new deal. The streaming platform has agreed to invest between 20 and 30 million euros per year in French cinema, as well as to finance low-budget films, and will only have to wait 15 months before broadcasting the films after their release. cinema release. How is this good news for Netflix? It has a two-month lead over its competitors – Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ – who will have to wait 17 months.

For other television channels (TF1, France 2, M6, etc.), the waiting period will be 22 months, with an exclusive right to the broadcast window until 36e month. Which means that the films they will broadcast will not be available on streaming platforms during this 14-month period (which was not the case before). Unless the channels agree to sign “co-exclusivity” agreements with some of them.

Summary of this agreement which will enter into force on February 10, 2022, until 2025:

  • Canal+: broadcast of films 6 months after their theatrical release

  • Netflix: broadcast of films 15 months after their theatrical release

  • Amazon and Disney+: distribution of films 17 months after their theatrical release

  • Free channels: broadcast of films 22 months after their theatrical release, with 14 months of exclusivity.

It should be noted that no change concerning the DVD and/or VoD releases, which take place 4 months after the theatrical release of a film, and only 3 months if the film has not attracted many spectators, has been revealed for now.

Rumbling anger?

Not everything is completely smooth though. Because this agreement is not to satisfy certain market players, starting with the giant Disney, which would threaten to no longer release its films in cinemas in order to make them available without delay on its platform. An unlikely scenario according to observers, because of the shortfall that this would represent for the brand with big ears. But Disney could however apply this choice for part of its productions to reserve exclusivity.

This agreement should not delight Warner Bros either, whose streaming platform, HBO Max, could land in France in the course of 2023 with its huge catalog, and which will find itself “prisoner” of an agreement where she had no say.

If we can only be pleased to see the chronology of the media evolve in France, it is a safe bet that new negotiations will be carried out by 2025 in the presence of new actors. And that this could overhaul part of this temporary organization.

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