Wednesday, May 25

Iversen returned home with the infected Monsen: – Going to meet some critical days

National team coach Ole Morten Iversen knows there is a great chance that Olympic-trained cross-country skiers can become homemakers. He himself is eagerly awaiting a corona response.

National team coach Ole Morten Iversen is the danger zone for having been infected after the journey home from Italy to Norway.

Trønderen left the altitude collection in Italian Seiser Alm on Sunday morning. He did this together with sprint coach Arild Monsen, who tested positive for an antigen test on arrival at Gardermoen and later for a PCR test.

So far, Iversen has only given negative answers. He has been through four test rounds in the last 24 hours, but says he “understands that I live a little exposed for a few days”.

The coach of the women’s national cross-country team would have liked to have been in addition to the uncertainty in the Olympic run-up.

– It is very special. It’s hard not to be insecure. We know it is risky, and that there is a great chance that someone in the Norwegian squad will not be allowed to go to the Olympics. Something else would be a senation, says Iversen to NTB.

In the next few days, the return journey from northern Italy to Norway is the greatest risk of infection. Cross-country skiers travel by ordinary scheduled flights from Munich. Then there is a day waiting on Norwegian soil before a chartered trip to the Beijing Games takes place on 27 January.

– I think the athletes and coaches have been good. We can not spend energy on things we can not actually do anything about. My impression is that the runners have managed to push this in front of them, says Iversen.

– But it is clear: There will be some critical and exciting days we face. We cross our fingers a little and hope that it will go well.

On Monday afternoon, it became known that several men’s runners will probably be defined as close contacts by Monsen. It will soon mean later Olympic departure for those concerned. The Olympic Summit has also set up a charter flight on 31 January.

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