Tuesday, May 24

MICRO-TROTTOIR: How do you judge the start of the high tourist season? – Faxinfo

After the various events that have shaken up the start of a tourist season already damaged by the global health crisis and the restrictions that have resulted from it, tourist activity seems to be stabilizing in view of the testimonies collected recently. Testimonies that once again underline the relentlessness of some and the attachment of others to Saint-Martin.

“I’m not going to lie, it was laborious but it’s starting to get better. We had started the season well despite the extraordinary conditions linked to the covid-19 pandemic, and then there were all the blockages that made us lose hope that we had barely regained. Overnight, no more customers. I also discovered that the Dutch side was spreading bad information to the few tourists who ventured onto our island, which demotivated me even more… but not for long. There, it’s finally starting up again, we’re back to a seasonal rhythm like we’ve known, it’s perhaps not like that every day, but we have loyal customers at the hotel where I work, and that helps to keep hoping and smiling! » Chris

“I came to Saint-Martin as a seasonal worker and I’m quite surprised that things can change so quickly in such a short time. The consequences of the December lockdowns made me question myblank presence here but I really wanted to stay because life here is enriching from a human point of view, I haven’t experienced that anywhere. There is a real solidarity between the members of my team and me, the work is hard, we work on the beach, the days are long but the tourists come and come back, as if nothing special had happened lately, as if we lived in a bubble of paradise. It’s good to meet people who have a real interest in Saint-Martin, not just for the cliché of the postcard. I keep crossing my fingers that the season continues like this, everyone deserves it. » Karl

blank“I’ve been coming on vacation to Saint-Martin for over twenty years and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. Neither the health crisis nor the blockages nor the demonstrations have stopped me and I am not the only one. When I arrived, I spoke with a lot of people here about the catastrophic start to the season, the fact that they felt they could not breathe a little or project themselves in terms of turnover given all that was happening at the same time. Now, the spirits seem more peaceful. We are never safe from a setback or a new unfortunate event but it is pleasant to see the crowded beaches and the restaurant terraces filled. » Annick

blank“I have been working for a tourist agency abroad for more than ten years and Saint-Martin is one of my destinations to highlight. To be honest with you, I’ve never really had difficulty selling it because for the majority of tourists who come here, there is a systematic crush on Saint-Martin. They have difficulty explaining it but I understand them because I experienced the same thing. I came back to update my activity file and take the pulse of the tourist season which is starting slowly but surely. It’s incredible the ability of this island to recover from all adversities. Hope it lasts ! » James



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