Wednesday, May 25

Rainbow Six Extraction: Tension, action and cooperation for the new game from Ubisoft

Failure is not an end in itself. This is somewhat the moral of this new Rainbow Six Extraction in which it is possible to rescue, in the mode of exfiltration (extraction), fallen soldiers in enemy territory.

In this new FPS which partly takes up the universe of Rainbow Six Siege (2015), and very very vaguely that of the universe of Tom Clancy’s novel, the player accompanies operators of the international special forces in their fight against an extraterrestrial threat : The Archaeans.

Direction New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas or even Alaska alongside three super soldiers. The title does not offer a scenario to follow but more a context in which it is necessary to chain missions. In levels divided into three zones of increasing difficulty, you have to accomplish random objectives of various kinds: capture of an alien, rescue of a scientist, extraction of a comrade in arms, analysis of an area. At the end of each zone, it is possible to exfiltrate or to continue towards the next one on the stop mode or even (radio reference which will only speak to old people).

More accessible than Rainbow Six Siege, Extraction, however, offers a real challenge. No question of playing here against other players: we play with them. Indeed, if it is possible to take up arms alone (the difficulty level then adapts), the title is designed to be discovered in threes in the mode of cooperation. And this formula works very well! A wounded companion can for example be rescued by his brothers and sisters in arms. It is thus possible to carry a wounded person to evacuate him or to return to seek a companion who has been captured. Because the player does not die here, he is reported missing in an alien country. He can also return from a mission injured. You will then have to wait for him to heal and choose another fighter in the meantime.


Mutual aid is central to this adventure and for the shyest, no worries, no need to talk (even if it’s a plus) to have fun. One can thus fail in a mission, to better come back to it to the aid of his comrade in arms (masculine or feminine). We sometimes have the impression of finding ourselves in Aliens (1986) by James Cameron, exploring these sticky mazes. We even surprise ourselves sometimes to be afraid of our shadow.

Originally scheduled for last September, Extraction has been pushed back to January to be fine-tuned. Probably a good thing because the recipe works wonderfully. Extraction is a bit like Rainbow Six Siege with alien sauce, more accessible and in a pure spirit of cooperation. FPS enthusiasts won’t miss this unique experience.

Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One et Xbox Series X/S.


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