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Religion. LGBT: a hundred German priests come out online

“There are so many of us and the Church does not want to see it”. Monika Schmelter, former director of a Caritas center, and Marie Kortenbusch, a theology professor employed by the Church, hid their relationship for 40 years, for fear of losing their jobs. On Monday, they decided to come out, two years after their marriage celebrated in secret.

Like them, they are 125 priests, professors of theology employed by the Church or practicing Catholics committed to having revealed their homosexuality this Monday on the site ” #OutInChurch ».

Neither “sexual orientation or gender identity”, nor “commitment to a non-heterosexual relationship or marriage” should be “an obstacle to hiring or a reason for dismissal”, believe the faithful in a manifesto published on this site.

A labor code to be reviewed in the Catholic Church

They demand “a change in the discriminatory work code of the Catholic Church” and the removal of “degrading and excluding wording” in the regulations. Their objective: to put an end to a “system of dissimulation, double morality and dishonesty”.

The LGBT+ question agitates the Church

The LGBT+ question is the subject of lively debate within the Church. Pope Francis is in line with the Catholic tradition on marriage – considered as the union between a man and a woman in order to procreate -, while believing that “God loves each of his children”.

He also repeatedly criticized “gender theory”, described as an “ideological project”, and approved in mid-March 2021 a note from the Vatican considering homosexuality as “a sin”, confirming the impossibility for homosexual couples to receive the sacrament of marriage.

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Priest Stephan Schwab, 50, also discloses his gender identity on the site, “because I believe and strongly believe that I do a good job even as a gay priest.” A year ago, he had no hesitation in celebrating a mass for homosexuals in his church in Würzburg.

The Church is one of the largest employers in Germany

“No one should be disadvantaged because of their sexual identity”, reacted the Minister of Justice, Marco Buschmann, stressing that the Church is “one of the most important employers in Germany”.

The signatories received the support of the Archbishop of Hamburg, Stefan Hesse. “A church in which one has to hide because of one’s sexual orientation cannot, in my opinion, be in the spirit of Jesus”, declared the archbishop, in favor of an evolution of “sexual morality and labor law of the Church”.

Other testimonies of German LGBT+ Catholics in the service of the Church were also broadcast on Monday evening on public television as part of a documentary entitled “As God created us”.

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