Monday, May 16

She has lost years in working life while caring for children. This way she can increase her chances as a job seeker.

She struggles to come up with interviews. The job expert has several good tips on how she can increase her chances.

The submitter has a high education, but experiences skepticism that she has chosen children over careers.

Questions: Hi! I have a good education (bachelor and master’s degree in engineering and economics) and around eight years of work experience right after my studies. When we had children, I went with my partner on foreign assignments. There I took care of the growing family while my partner worked.

Now we have returned to Norway, and I experience that my 12 years without work (outside the home) make me unattractive in the labor market. I also get little understanding that I have chosen children and upbringing before career. Nevertheless, I have a lot to give, and I feel that the experiences abroad have only made me more strengthened as a valuable part of the workforce.

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