Tuesday, May 24

Støre in New York: – One must never underestimate the power that is in the United States

Jonas Gahr Støre is a guest on the podcast “Aftenpodden USA” this week.

Jonas Gahr Støre and Aftenpodden USA presenter Øystein K. Langberg talk about everything from the Taliban to the Security Council and piano bars in this week’s episode.

The Prime Minister is in New York in connection with Norway holding the presidency of the UN Security Council in January.

Before Norway was elected as a member, several warned that Norway could end up in a pinch between major powers such as the United States, China and Russia. Støre believes the warnings have been put to shame.

– It is the opposite that has happened. We are coming out of this security council period with a significantly strengthened network, says Støre.

Engaged, motivated and provoked

Among the topics on the podcast are also the Trump years, the attack on Congress on January 6 and whether the United States is still a country Norway can trust in security policy.

Støre also talks about his fascination with the USA.

– I get engaged, motivated and provoked. All at once, says Støre.

He believes the United States has “deep structural problems”, but that today there is a tendency to overestimate authoritarian regimes and underestimate the United States.

– One must never underestimate the power that is in the United States. The power of innovation. The power of knowledge. The power of research. History has shown that, says Støre.

The Prime Minister also eases the veil on his regular New York rituals. One of them is to go to the piano bar and sing along. Another is to have breakfast at the diner.

The podcast Aftenpodden USA now has its own feed in Itunes and Spotify. Search and subscribe to “Aftenpodden USA” where you listen to the pod. Listen to the entire episode below.


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