Tuesday, May 24

Discovery makes great strides in Olympic coverage: Moves all commentary to Norway

Due to uncertainty about quarantine and isolation, Discovery chooses to keep all the commentators in Norway.


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It was first Expressen who announced that the Swedish expert commentators and commentators will not be allowed to go to the Olympics in Beijing in February.

Now it is also clear that all the Norwegian commentators for the licensee in Discovery stay at home.

– The original plan was to send 44 people to Beijing. The new plan is to send 20 people. The most important move we make is to move all commentary to Oslo, says Discovery’s Hanne McBride to VG.

Kenneth Fredheim will comment on alpine skiing during the Olympics.

– I think it makes sense considering what can happen when you get down there… If someone tests positive on arrival or during the championship. On the commentator side, we are a couple, and if one tests positive, you are a bit “stuck”, says Fredheim to VG.

– How does it affect the commentary?

– It will be a little different. You always comment best when you are present. You get a completely different feeling, says Fredheim.

McBride explains the change as follows:

– It is challenging to produce such a large event as the Olympics in a pandemic, and there is uncertainty associated with any quarantines and isolation on arrival in Beijing. The conditions are unpredictable and to minimize risk associated with the production and the editorial teams, we have decided to send fewer people than planned.

– We already have technical personnel present through our European organization, and with today’s technology it is entirely possible to produce and deliver very good shipments with most of the staff in Oslo. We have good experience with this from Tokyo. Should people end up in quarantine in Beijing, it will be difficult to work. Here at home, we can comment from our own living room if necessary.


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