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Education. Parcoursup: what are the most popular courses?

Here we go again for a new year. Since January 20, final year students and students in reorientation can express their orientation wishes on the Parcoursup platform.
This Monday, the Ministry of National Education published a study of 363,000 general neo-baccalaureate holders who made at least one wish on the Parcoursup platform in 2021. The opportunity to take an interest in the profile of these students, but also to see which courses were the most popular last year.

Four out of ten students opt for the bachelor’s degree

According to this study, general baccalauréat holders favor the license in their wishes: 4 candidates out of 10 ask for a licence. This training is chosen by more than 7 out of 10 candidates with the Humanities, Literature, Philosophy (HLP) & LLCER (76%), HGGSP & LLCER (72%) and HGGSP & HLP (70%) doublets.
Conversely, for candidates who had chosen a scientific doublet in high school, the license is less often requested: 22% of Maths & Physics-Chemistry and 25% of Physics-Chemistry & SVT.

Overall, the candidates are respectively 11% and 10% to make a wish in the University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) and in the Preparatory Class for the Grandes Ecoles (CPGE).
License, BUT and CPGE are the 3 training courses most in demand by general baccalaureate holders. This is followed by higher technician certificates (BTS – 8% of wishes), then health training with specific health access courses (PASS – 7%), health access licenses (LAS – 5%) and diplomas in State health and social (DE – 4%).
Engineering schools and business and management schools are requested by respectively 4% and 2% of applicants.

Top science subjects in high school

As part of the high school reform, the 2020/2021 final year students were the first to take the new general baccalaureate. With the disappearance of the series (L, S and ES) in favor of a common core and specialty lessons (EDS). Here are the courses that appealed to them the most in high school.

The specialty education most frequently chosen is EDS mathematics for 4 out of 10 neo-bachelors (41%). Then follow the EDS of Physics-Chemistry (35%), Economic and Social Sciences (SES – 33%), Life and Earth Sciences (SVT – 27%), History, Geography, Geopolitics, Political Sciences (HGGSP – 26%) and Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLCER – 18%). The other EDS were chosen by less than 10% of 2021 baccalaureate holders registered on Parcoursup.

The 66 possible combinations of these EDS have all been chosen by new general baccalaureate candidates on Parcoursup. 20% of them took the Maths & Physics-Chemistry doublet, the most frequently chosen doublet. Then, 15% of them followed the SES & History, Geography, Geopolitics, Political Sciences (HGGSP) doublet. Physics-Chemistry & SVT is the 3rd most frequent doublet and represents 13% of candidates.

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