Friday, May 27

Here is the city where the radar that flashes the most in France is located

The National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR) has unveiled the top 10 speed cameras that flashed the most in 2020. In total, 13.3 million speeding tickets were recorded this same year, an increase of 3 % compared to 2019.

Since the yellow vests crisis, many radars degraded during the demonstrations have been restored. Consequence: the flashes were all the more numerous, with 82% of the devices in working order.

And the “big winner”, among automatic speed cameras, is located in Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes). Installed in an area whose speed has been reduced by 20 km/h, it flashed nearly 170,000 times in 2020… A sad record that is still 17.4% lower than in 2019.

Smile, you’re flashed

The Bourget radar (Seine-Saint-Denis) has meanwhile verbalized 130,000 times drivers speeding on the A1 motorway. He occupies the second step of the podium, just ahead of that of Floirac (Gironde) and his 126,000 flashes on the N230.

Based on the number of photos taken by these devices and not necessarily on the resulting fines, the ranking also includes, in the top 10, that of the A6b in Paris (119,000 flashes) and the A6a in Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) and its 100,000 flashes.

Three radars follow on the A10: those of Janvry (almost 90,000 flashes), Briis-sous-Forges (87,000) and Massy (76,000). Finally, there is that of Lille located on the A25 (74,000) and Geispolsheim (Bas-Rhin) on the A35 (79,000).

In France, more than 50,000 bodily accidents are recorded each year by ONISR.

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