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Justice. Auction of an X-ray of an injured Bataclan: an open investigation

An investigation for “breach of professional secrecy” was opened in Paris after the attempt by a French surgeon to auction off a radio of a survivor of the jihadist attack on the Bataclan in Paris in 2015.

According to the Mediapart information site, Emmanuel Masmejean, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, auctioned on OpenSea, a site specializing in the sale of digital NFT objects, the x-ray of a survivor of the concert hall he had operated on. , on which we see a forearm pierced by a Kalashnikov bullet. The radio was on sale for the sum of 2,776 dollars.

The surgeon acknowledged the facts to Mediapart, explaining that he had done it “for an educational purpose” and has since withdrawn the offer. Assuring “having asked the question from an ethical point of view”, he recognized “the error” of not having asked the authorization of the operated patient.

Below the picture, he specified that “this young patient, who lost her boyfriend in this attack, had an open fracture of the left forearm with a remaining Kalashnikov bullet in the soft tissues”.

The victim “shocked by the contempt of the doctor”

The Bataclan survivor said she was “extremely shocked” by the doctor’s “mercantile approach” and “contempt”, her lawyer said in a statement on Monday.

“This doctor, not content with violating the medical secrecy of this patient, saw fit to describe on the online sales site the private life of this young woman, thus making her perfectly identifiable”, wrote Me Elodie Abraham about his client, who wishes to remain anonymous.

He does not “seem to have taken the measure of his act since he did not hesitate to contact the victim on Sunday, to justify himself without showing the slightest regret or the slightest empathy for him”, she said. underline.

It is “a gross mistake that I bitterly regret,” the doctor said on his Twitter account on Monday. “I realize that I have completely lost my way in an inept and inappropriate approach which legitimately offended those I had the honor of caring for: the victims of attacks”.

He specified that he had destroyed “the work in question” and assured that he had “derived no profit from it”.

The surgeon does not wish to continue within the AP-HP

Addressing his apologies “to those who have been legitimately hurt and especially to the patients who survived the attacks of November 13”, the doctor indicated that he could not “continue to serve” within the public hospital service.

The boss of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Martin Hirsch, had announced on Sunday that his institution would take legal action, denouncing a “scandalous act”.

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