Tuesday, May 17

Loire: a man tortured and robbed at home, the attackers wanted

Three men are wanted for having tortured and robbed a young unemployed man from his home on the evening of January 21.

The facts took place in Roanne (Loire), a hundred kilometers from Lyon. The three suspects entered the victim’s apartment armed and hooded.

They burned the 22-year-old with a hair straightener, beat him with a hammer, and dunked his head in water after partially shaving it. The victim’s companion, a 24-year-old fast-food employee, arrived at the scene at 10:30 p.m. She was abused to a lesser extent and tied up.

The three suspects left with 3,000 euros in cash and various objects (telephones, watches, game consoles, etc.). The couple claims not to know them.

“A flagrant investigation for armed robbery, kidnapping, acts of torture and barbarity was entrusted to the judicial police on Saturday,” said Abdelkrim Grini, public prosecutor of Roanne. No one has since been arrested.


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