Monday, May 23

Rennes: drunk and drugged at the wheel of a stolen car, he rushes at the police, who open fire

A young age which contrasts singularly with the gravity of the facts. A 17-year-old drunk and drugged at the wheel of a stolen car crashed into a police car as he was driving against the traffic in a street in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).

The facts took place last Friday evening, in a place known to the authorities for its drug trafficking. On patrol, police decided to control a vehicle, reports West France. Its driver did not wish to stop and accelerated, lights off, taking a street in the opposite direction.

In his flight, he did not hesitate to hit a police car, before, a few kilometers further, in a town in the suburbs of Rennes (Cesson-Sévigné) to go straight for an agent.

The officials then used their weapons. Two shots were fired, hitting the body of the vehicle.

The individual released

Arrested, they therefore realized that the driver was only 17 years old. He was “born in Morocco and without a criminal record,” said the public prosecutor. The offender also tested positive for alcohol and drugs. The car he was in had also been reported stolen for several weeks.

Placed in police custody then referred to the prosecution, he was finally released, under judicial supervision, with a placement measure. His judgment in the juvenile court will take place on 1is mars.

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