Monday, May 23

Rugby stars comfort young boy mocked for being overweight

A wonderful outpouring of solidarity. Many rugby stars have lent their support to a young boy mocked for being overweight, after photos posted by his father on social media emerged.

Alfie plays for the Oakdale club in Wales in the under-12 category.

Proud of his son, his dad regularly shares pictures of the boy with his team during matches against other teams.

But he recently received a derogatory comment about his son’s weight. A remark that he denounced on Twitter.

“I had to delete a post from Facebook because some idiot commented that my boy was too ‘fat’ to play with the under 12s and wasn’t in good health. If only people knew how hard he works to get fit and how low his confidence is. Don’t worry Alfie, I will always be your biggest fan,” he wrote.

A message relayed hundreds of thousands of times

And he’s not the only one who comforted young Alfie. The message has been relayed hundreds of thousands of times by anonymous people, but also by world rugby figures such as Liam Williams, Agustin Jerome Kaino and Nemani Nadolo. “Brother, you keep working hard and staying yourself. I heard everything while I was playing rugby … you have a fan here my guy, “wrote the Fijian winger who passed through Montpellier.

The International Rugby Federation also sent a message of comfort to the young boy. “Wherever rugby takes you, enjoy every minute, keep working hard and know there are a lot of people supporting you.”

In France, Matthieu Jalibert also supported Alfie. “Alfie, I was told all my youth that I was too small, too thin, too thin. When I read your dad’s post (sic) my heart hurts. Never lose hope. Believe in your dreams. Your dad is your number one fan. I am the second,” posted the international scrum-half. A perfect example for Alfie to follow.

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