Tuesday, May 24

To no longer be confused with “a turkey”, Turkey wants to change its English name

Tired of being confused with the word “turkey” in English, Turkey decided to change its name internationally.

And for good reason, in English the barnyard animal is called “turkey”, which is exactly the same English name as the country.

To put an end to any confusion, the country now wishes to call itself “Türkiye” internationally.

“The word ‘Türkiye’ best represents and expresses the culture, civilization and values ​​of the Turkish nation. ‘Türkiye’ is the name used for the country in Turkish, and the country now wants to use this name internationally,” President Erdogan said in a statement, quoted by Le Figaro.

This new name will thus be used in international exchanges, institutions and “in all types of activities”. The mention “Made in Turkey” will also change in favor of “Made in Türkiye”.

Negotiations with the United Nations

However, Turkey must still wait for the official authorization of the United Nations for this new surname to be official.

In the meantime, this identity is already used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicates the French daily. And a communication campaign called “Hello Türkiye” was launched on social networks.


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