Monday, May 23

Unusual. A lost letter leads to 17 years of unfortunate misunderstanding

It took nearly 17 years for this letter to travel between the town of Port, Reunion and L’Isle-en-Rigault, in the Meuse. The problem is that this immeasurable delay has damaged the bonds of friendship between Roselyne and Bernadette, reports L’Est Républicain.

A post office failure

This letter, posted on February 3, 2005 by the first, only arrived at the second last week. Roselyne notably announced that her daughter had given birth and, above all, a plan to go to France in September of that same year. Except that, having had no answer, no one scheduled a visit and the two friends both thought that the other was angry… The unease set in, they gradually lost each other of sight.

Nearly two decades later, when the mail carrier arrived with the missive, the misunderstanding suddenly evaporated. On the other hand, Bernadette did not have an explanation for this failure from the Post Office. However, the address was the right one!

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