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Fear of infection means that the biathletes can be brought home by charter plane

To limit the risk of infection, the Norwegian Biathlon Federation is now checking the possibility of bringing the biathletes home from Italy with a charter flight before leaving for the Olympics.

MAKE LAST OLYP PREPARATIONS: Johannes Thingnes Bø (left) and Tarjei Bø are still on altitude training in Italy. This photo was taken earlier this month.

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The national teams on the men’s and women’s side are making their final Olympic preparations at the height in Lavazé and are scheduled to return to Oslo on Monday before flying on to Beijing.

With increased infection as well the infection and quarantine problems of the cross-country national teams, the biathlon association is looking at the possibility of bringing the athletes home in a charter flight.

– Now so close to the Olympics, we will limit all possibilities of being infected and then the risk is less if we can fly runners and support equipment home with a chartered aircraft. Basically, they will go home by scheduled flight from Munich to Oslo, says sports manager Per-Arne Botnan to VG.

Tiril Eckhoff, Marte Olsbu Røiseland and lubrication manager Tobias Dahl Fenre are already on their way home to Norway. They will, together with part of the support staff that is already in Oslo, fly to China already on Thursday night.

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The 10 other Olympic athletes as well as the coaches and a physiotherapist – a total of 14 people – are scheduled to stay in Lavazé, Italy until Monday.

– It will be a cost issue to rent a charter plane, but it may pay off. If we can do that, you can also limit the travel time from Lavazé by choosing an airport that is closer than Munich, says Botnan.

The cross-country skiers will have charter flights home to Norway from Verona.

The biathletes have so far avoided infection. In Lavazé, they operate with three cohorts, one for the men, one for the women and one for the support staff.

The 14 who are now left in Lavazé will catch a charter flight that goes from Gardermoen to Beijing on Monday night. In the last days before departure, you start to turn the clock around to be better prepared for what awaits in the Olympics.


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